Cemetery Membership Benefits

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As a member of the Georgia Cemetery Association, you will receive valuable benefits not available elsewhere to help you, your profession and the families you serve. Here are some of those benefits:

  • The Association represents cemeteries and suppliers throughout the State of Georgia through active participation in the legislative process. During the legislative session, your GCA Legislative Committee gets involved in every bill that can directly affect your business. Through the efforts of the GCA, professional consultants, advisors, and various GCA members, we influence the outcome of the bills through negotiation, compromise and sometimes full support.
  • As a member cemetery, your firm will be listed in the Consumer Resources section of the GCA website, a new benefit and only available to our member cemeteries. This will allow the GCA to direct consumers to your firm.
  • The Association offers excellent opportunities to learn and network with others during the GCA annual convention and educational programs such as Administrative/Compliance and Sales Seminars. GCA members receive a reduced rate on the registration fee for events sponsored by the GCA.
  • The Association publishes Newsletters, the Georgia Cemetery Advisor which notifies the membership on timely issues, articles on Sales, Legislative Issues, convention updates, information about activities of others in the profession, and new products and services that will benefit your business. With our E-mail notifications, the GCA keeps its membership in the loop and gets you immediate information on the spot.
  • The Association assists its cemetery members with consumer conflict resolution and mediation when needed. Through the GCA’s Consumer Resolution Committee, members can seek help and assistance in working through issues that are of concern to consumers and other community service providers.
  • The Association, through the state association’s membership with the ICCFA offers expanded benefits. One of those benefits is the Music Licensing Partnership. The GCA provides our members the opportunity to be in full compliance with the law and ensure you are covered for any music a client family might request. The ICCFA provides extremely low pricing to GCA members through this partnership.
  • With your GCA membership, many of our suppliers offer member discounts and rebates, and as a collective group, only our GCA members benefit from such savings


  • Membership Dues - $350.00



Become a GCA Cemetery Member Today!


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